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Archived Newsletters

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February 2022

Topics: The Heads and Tails of Lipid-Based Drug Delivery and Lipid-Based Delivery Tools

July 2021

Topics: Fluorescent BODIPY-labeled Ganglioside GM1, Cellular Staining Protocol, Fluorescent Sphingolipid Standards, Ganglioside Precursors, and Sphingolipid Solubility FAQ & Reference Chart

December 2020

Topics: N-Glycolyl-GM3, Ganglioside Cancer Biomarkers, and Ganglioside Antibodies

June 2020

Topics: Deuterium-labeled Glycosphingolipids, MS Quantification of GM3 Deficiency, and Expansion of our Ganglioside Line

December 2019

Topics: Gb3/lyso-Gb3 and Fabry Disease, Sulfatides, and Deuterated Lipids

August 2019

Topics: Spingomyelin and lyso-Sphingomyelin and Biomarker Standards for Fabry Disease

June 2019

Topics: Ganglioside GD2 and Breast Cancer, Sphingolipids as MS standards, Cholesteryl beta Glucoside, and Galactosylsphingosine and Glucosylsphingosine Quantification

March 2019

Topics: Gangliosides and Cancer, Sulfatides in Alzheimer's Disease and Multiple Sclerosis, Anti-GD2, and CTH and Shiga toxin

January 2019

Topics: Interactions of Ceramides and Proteins; Sulfatides in Metochromatic Leukodystrophy

November 2018

Topics: 3-keto-Dihydrosphingosine, Ceramides, lyso-Sulfatide’s Anticoagulant Activity, Sphingolipid Inhibitor PDMP

August 2018

Topics: Fucosyl-GM1, O-Acetyl Gangliosides, New Products, lyso-Sphingomyelin, Glucosylsphingosine

February 2018

Topics: Sulfatides, Sterculic Acid, and Conjugated Linolenic Acids

October 2017

Topics: Omega-Esterified Ceramides as Skin Lipid Standards; Sapienic Acid Acts as an Antimicrobial; delta-Tocotrienol as a Powerful Anti-Tumor Agent

August 2017

Topics: GD2 Cancer Biomarker; Stable Isotope Labeled Standards; Deuterated GD3

June 2017

Topics: Gb3/lyso-Gb3: Fabry Disease Biomarkers

April 2017

Topics: Ganglioside GT1b; Sphingomyelin

February 2017

Topics: Standards for Gaucher Disease (Glucosylceramide and Glucosylsphingosine)

December 2016

Topics: Glycinated Internal Standards; Conjugated Linolenic Acids; Sulfatides

October 2016

Topics: Conjugated Linoleic Acids; CTH and lyso-CTH for Fabry Disease

August 2016

Topics: Glycinated Glucosylsphingosine; Fatty Acid and Methyl Ester Standards; Phospholipids

June 2016

Topics: Glycinated lyso-CTH; Fully Synthetic Glycosphingolipids; Stearidonic Acid

March 2016

Topics: Ganglioside GD3; Biotin Lactosylceramide; Synthetic Psychosine

January 2016

Topics: Ceramide-1-phosphate; CLA Sodium Salt; EOS Ceramide; Lissamine-rhodamine Galactosylceramide

November 2015

Topics: Synthetic Glucosylsphingosine; Sulfatide; Biotin-GM1; CTH

June 2015

Topics: Glycinated CTH; Biotin Standards; Adamantane Standards; Tocotrienols

August 2014

Topics: PDMP; CTH Binding to Shiga toxins

March 2014

Topics: Sphingosines; Biotin Standards; Tocotrienols; Conjugated Linoleic Acids

October 2013

Topics: Biotin Ceramide and GM1; Deuterated, Fluorescent, and Odd-Chain Length Standards; PDMP; Tocotrienols

July 2013

Topics: Tocopherols and Tocotrienols; Deuterated Sphingosine

April 2013

Topics: Adamantane Galactosylceramide and Glucosylceramide; Fatty Acid Methyl Esters; Biotin GM1; Ceramides

November 2012

Topics: Glucosylceramide; Galactosylceramide; CTH; Ceramides; Sulfatides; Deuterated Standards

June 2012

Topics: CTH and lyso-CTH; Stearidonic Acid; Conjugated Linoleic Acids; Deuterated Gangliosides

January 2012

Topics: Lysosomal Storage Disorders; AOCS Mixes; Glucosylceramide; Long Chain Fatty Acids

July 2011

Topics: Sulfatides; Deuterated Gangliosides; Fluorescent NBD Sphingosine

April 2011

Topics: Deuterated Gangliosides; Glucosylceramide; Anti-gangliosides Antibodies; Long Chain Fatty Acids; and AOCS Mixes

November 2010

Topics: Fluorescent NBD Standards; Deuterated GM1; Sulfatides

May 2010

Topics: Gangliosides; Fatty Acid Methyl Ester Standards

November 2009

Topics: Sphingosines; Ceramides; Sterols

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