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Deuterated Ceramides

Stable isotope labeled lipids are ideal for studies involving the metabolism and metabolites of a cellular system and can be used for the quantitative evaluation of major lipid pathways.1 Lipidomics has shown great success in the use of deuterium labeled compounds in identifying and quantifying individual molecular species by the use of tandem mass spectrometry.2 Sphingolipidomics is the sphingolipid subfield of the greater lipidomic discipline and began to appear as a distinct entity around 2005.3,4 It is the determination of the complete sphingolipid profile of a given system and the metabolism and pathways of those sphingolipids.


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Catalog #: 2201
CAS#: 2011762-82-4
Unit: 1 mg
Catalog #: 2208
Unit: 1 mg
Catalog #: 2202
Unit: 1 mg
Catalog #: 2210
CAS#: 1354806-91-9
Unit: 1 mg
Catalog #: 2217
CAS#: 2011762-87-9
Unit: 500 µg
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