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D9 Glycolipids

Deuterated glycolipids are ideal for the identification and quantification of glycolipids in samples and biological systems using mass spectrometry. In addition to Matreya’s collection of D3-labeled glycolipids, our scientists have synthesized a new set of high-purity D9-labeled glycolipids that enable improved separation of the labeled m/z from the naturally occurring material and its abundant isotopes. With a better means for separation, this improves the quantitation of these compounds in biological samples by LC-MS/MS methods.

Advantages of D9-Labeled Glycolipids

Natural glycolipids have a large molecular weight and a high 13C isotopic abundance up to the M+5 isotope. For example, the GM1 M+3 isotope is very significant but has approximately the same mass as its D3-labeled standard. This natural M+3 isotope can contribute to variability in the deuterated internal standard response as GM1 levels vary from sample to sample and can negatively impact quantification of GM1. A D9-labeled standard overcomes this problem because the natural abundance of GM1 with nine 13C atoms is effectively zero. That is, the natural isotopes will not interfere with the GM1-D9 signal.

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