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Conjugated Linolenic Acids (CLnA) and Methyl Esters

Conjugated linolenic acids (CLnAs) contain 3 or 4 double bonds (which can be any combination of cis or trans) having predominantly 9,11,13- and 8,10,12-octadecatrienoic acid positional isomers. Research indicates that CLnAs posses strong antidiabetic, antiobesity, antiproliferative, and anticarcinogenic activities as well as a significant effect on lipid metabolism making them important biological lipids.1 These physiological functions make CLnAs potential candidates as therapeutic and diabetic agents, although more research is needed to verify previous findings.2


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Catalog #: 1240
CAS#: 95497-55-5
Unit: 25 mg
Catalog #: 1234
Unit: 25 mg
Catalog #: 1233
CAS#: 4175-47-7
Unit: 25 mg
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