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Bacterial Tetraethers

The main phospholipid of Thermoplasma acidophilum (MPL) is largely responsible for its ability to survive in low pH (1-2) and high temperature (55-59°C)1 environments and constitutes almost half of the bacteria's total lipids.2 MPL is useful for making liposomes used to study various molecular functions.3 It has been found to be valuable in the development and application of model membrane systems on the basis of tetraether lipids as demonstrated by the integral membrane protein alamethicin and the peripheral proteins melittin, valinomycin, and nonactin. These proteins interact primarily with lipid head groups and are readily incorporated into the tetraether lipid structures. Growth of various living cell types was not affected by MPL and, when its liposomes were injected into mice, no pharmacological or toxic effects were detected other than increased behavioral activity. Labeled MPL liposomes were found to be rapidly cleared from circulation.4


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