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CATALOG # 1910


  • Catalog #:1910
  • Scientific Name:N-Hexanoyl-D-erythro-dihydrosphingosine
  • Common Name:N-C6:0-D-erythro-Dihydroceramide; N-Hexanoyl-D-erythro-sphinganine
  • Empirical Formula:C24H49NO3
  • CAS#:171039-13-7
  • SDS:View Safety Data Sheet
  • Data Sheet:View Data Sheet
  • Formula Weight:400
  • Unit:5 mg
  • Solvent:none
  • Source:synthetic
  • Purity:98+%
  • Analytical Methods:TLC, GC; identity confirmed by MS
  • Solubility:chloroform, ethanol, methanol, DMSO
  • Physical Appearance:solid
  • Storage:-20°C
  • Dry Ice:No
  • Hazardous:No


Application Notes:

This high purity and well-defined dihydroceramide is ideal as a standard and for biological studies.1 Dihydroceramide is a critical intermediate in the synthesis of many complex sphingoid bases. Inhibition of dihydroceramide synthesis by some fungal toxins that have a similar structure causes an increase in sphinganine and sphinganine-1-phosphate and a decrease in other sphingolipids leading to a number of diseases including oesophageal cancer. Dihydroceramide, synthesized by the acylation of sphinganine, is subsequently converted into ceramide via a desaturase enzyme or into phytosphingosine via the C4-hydrozylase enzyme2. N-(4-Hydroxyphenyl) retinamide has been tested as an anti-cancer agent. It inhibits the dihydroceramide desaturase enzyme in cells resulting in a high concentration of dihydroceramide and dihydro-sphingolipids and this is thought to be the cause of the anti-cancer effects.3 Dihydrosphingosine induces cell death in a number of types of malignant cells.

1. M. Jazwinski et al. “Suppression of Glucosylceramide Synthase Restores p53-Dependent Apoptosis in Mutant p53 Cancer Cells” Cancer Research, vol. 71 pp. 2276, 2011
2. Y. Mizutani, A. Kihara, and Y. Igarashi “Identifcation of the human sphingolipid C4-hydroxylase, hDES2, and its up-regulation during keratinocyte differentiation” FEBS Letters, vol. 563 pp. 93-97, 2004
3. W. Zheng “Fenretinide increases dihydroceramide and dihydrosphingolipids due to inhibition of dihydroceramide desaturase” Georgia Institute of Technology, 2006
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