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Rapeseed Oil Reference Mixture (AOCS) (Suitable standard for low erucic acid oil)

CATALOG # 1083


  • Catalog #:1083
  • Scientific Name:Rapeseed Oil Reference Mixture (AOCS)
  • Common Name:Suitable standard for low erucic acid oil
  • SDS:View Safety Data Sheet
  • Data Sheet:View Data Sheet
  • Formula Weight:mixture
  • Unit:25 mg/ml, 1 ml
  • Solvent:methylene chloride
  • Purity:mixture
  • Analytical Methods:GC
  • Solubility:methylene chloride, ethyl ether
  • Physical Appearance:liquid
  • Storage:-20°C
  • Composition:
    C14:0 Methyl myristate (Tetradecanoate) 1.0%
    C16:0 Methyl palmitate 4.0%
    C18:0 Methyl stearate 3.0%
    C18:1 (cis-9) Methyl oleate 60.0%
    C18:2 (all cis-9,12 Methyl linoleate 12.0%
    C18:3 (all cis-9,12,15) Methyl linolenate 5.0%
    C20:0 Methyl arachidate 3.0%
    C20:1 (cis-11) Methyl eicosenoate 1.0%
    C22:0 Methyl behenate 3.0%
    C22:1 (cis-13) Methyl erucate 5.0%
    C24:0 Methyl lignocerate 3.0%
  • Dry Ice:No
  • Hazardous:Yes


Application Notes:

This methyl ester mixture contains 11 naturally occurring fatty acid methyl esters that are for the quantitative identification of unknowns. The mixture is prepared from high purity stock material and contains saturated and unsaturated fatty acid methyl esters that are ready for GC analysis. By studying problems with the quantitative analysis of animal and vegetable oils and fats, the American Oil Chemists’ Society has found certain mixtures to be useful as reference standards. The composition of this mixture is similar to the fatty acid distribution of rapeseed oils. This is an excellent standard for identifying unknown fatty acid isomers in samples.

1. Z. Li, T. Gu, B. Kelder and J. J. Kopchick “Analysis of fatty acids in mouse cells using reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography” Chromatographia, Oct. Vol. 54 pp. 463-467 2001
2. L. D. Metcalfe, A. A. Schmitz, J. R. Pelka “The Rapid Preparation of Fatty Acid Esters from Lipids for Gas Chromatographic Analysis” Analytical Chemistry, March, Vol. 38(3) pp. 514-515 1966
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