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cis-9,10-Methyleneoctadecanoic acid

CATALOG # 1822


  • Catalog #:1822
  • Scientific Name:cis-9,10-Methyleneoctadecanoic acid
  • Common Name:Dihydrosterculic acid
  • Empirical Formula:C19H36O2
  • CAS#:4675-61-0
  • SDS:View Safety Data Sheet
  • Data Sheet:View Data Sheet
  • Formula Weight:297
  • Unit:25 mg
  • Solvent:none
  • Source:synthetic
  • Purity:98+%
  • Analytical Methods:TLC, GC
  • Melting Point:38-42°C
  • Solubility:chloroform, ethanol, methanol, hexane
  • Physical Appearance:solid
  • Storage:-20°C
  • Dry Ice:No
  • Hazardous:No


Application Notes:

This cyclopropanoid fatty acid is a major constituent of some seed oils and also occurs in some bacterial membranes but is not synthesized or used by humans.1 Dihydrosterculic acid is a major constituent of the phospholipids of many trypanosomatid flagellates including some pathogenic species. 10-thiastearic acid has been found to be a potent inhibitor of dihydrosterculic acid synthesis and has been used as a therapeutic drug against these organisms.2 The enzyme Sadenosylmethionine donates a methylene group to oleic acid in the sn-1 position of phosphatidylethanolamine to form dihydrosterculic acid. Dihydrosterculic acid is further desaturated to sterculic acid by cyclopropane desaturase.

1. G. Knothe “NMR Characterization of Dihydrosterculic Acid and Its Methyl Ester” Lipids, Vol. 41(4) pp. 393-396, 2006
2. R. Pascal, Jr, S. Mannarelli, D. Ziering “10-Thiastearic acid inhibits both dihydrosterculic acid biosynthesis and growth of the protozoan Crithidia fasciculate” The Journal of Biological Chemistry, Vol. 261 pp. 12441-12443, 1986
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