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Storage and Handling of Matreya's Lipid Products

  • Natural lipid products can contain significant amounts of unsaturation, both in the fatty acid moieties and elsewhere. These are prone to autooxidation when exposed to oxygen, water, or other oxidants. Temperature can also significantly impact the rate of oxidation. Unsaturated lipids should be handled with extra precautions.

  • Catalog items in unopened containers are generally stable for at least one year when stored under the conditions indicated in the catalog listing. Items containing unsaturated fatty acids are especially subject to oxidation and should be stored in a solution of organic solvents, or under argon, at -20°C. Minimize exposure to air for these products. Glycolipids and phospholipids should not be stored in aqueous solutions due to potential hydrolysis.

  • Never use plastic or polymer materials with organic solvents as doing this will leach out impurities from the material. Always use glass, stainless steel, or Teflon equipment for transferring lipids in organic solvents and for storage. Lipids should always be stored in glass containers with Teflon lined caps.
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